Street Stangz started here in SoCal, with a couple like minded mustang enthusiasts. We have been around since 2009, and since it started, it has led to so many great opportunities that we all have enjoyed and learned from. 

As a club, we participate in car shows, cruises, drag strip days, BBQ's , random hangouts and other misc events that tend to pop up. We also host an annual Charity Toy Drive/Car Show called Ford Winter Wonderland. 

We do not discriminate any car... from Ecoboosts to V6's to Supercharged built V8's,

anyone is welcome. We are about quality of the person, over quantity of cars.

If you want to surround yourself with fun, chill, down to earth people who enjoying being part of a Mustang Family, then Street Stangz is looking to have you. The qualities we look for in future members are  being respectful, loyal, and ability to get along with all members while contributing to our events. 

In order to maintain being a member, you must represent the club with a sticker, of your choice, and to attend at minimum our monthly meets whenever you can. Nothing mandatory, and no dues required. This club is about having fun and we aim to keep it that way. We understand everyone has busy work schedules and families to take care of, and we aim to accommodate. 

Club rules 

No Sideshows / Street Takeovers

No Street Racing

No Dues / Fees

No DRAMA! We don't need big ego's and shit talking

Respect our meet spots. Car enthusiasts are already looked at by law enforcement... Don't make it worse

Represent the Street Stangz name with pride and respect




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